VIDEO of fires at Pantnassa Monastery – Thank you for your prayers

By December 18, 2019News
  • Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,As many of you are you aware since early November Pantanassa Monastery has been surrounded with several bushfires. On three occasions and from three directions the fire reached the monastery.Thank to our Lord and His Mother Pantanassa, The Theotokos, and through the prayers of our beloved Primate, His Eminence Archbishop Makarios and your prayers the monastery has remained relatively unscathed with very little damage from the fires.We deeply thank you for your prayers and love.We thank all the volunteers who worked so hard to prepare the monastery grounds for the fire, to establish sprinklers and fire fighting systems as well as relocate the monastery’s items to a safer location.We are also in deep gratitude to the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and their volunteers who worked so diligently in protecting the monastery and the fathers.

    The below video is a summary of these occurrences.

    Prayerfully Yours,
    Pantanassa Monastery

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