Building Program

In 2005 construction of the Pantanassa Monastery Catholicon (main church) commenced. The Catholicon is dedicated to the Holy Mother of God Pantanassa which includes a small chapel dedicated to St John Chrysostom. The foundation stone for the Catholicon was laid on 16 July 2005 by His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos. Currently the Catholicon has reached lock up stage. This means that the external walls, roof, doors, windows and concrete flooring have been completed, however, inside the church is bare concrete floor and walls.

The Building of Pantanassa Monastery (2005-2009)’

Pantanassa Monastery (2016-2017)’

In 2013, the construction program recommenced involving works on the courtyrard, drainage, electricity and living quarters. Currently the living quarters, library and dining hall have been rendered, painted and and the doors and windows are fitted.

While, in 2008, construction began on the monk’s living quarters, kitchen, refectory and library and continued until the late 2010 to a partial lock up stage, where it was put on hold for financial reasons.

In Sep 2019 the Monastery’s Building Program recommenced after an 18 month break for economic reasons. This new phase of works includes:

SECOND WING OF MONK’S ACCOMMODATION: The installation of doors and windows for the 8 cells in the second wing.

KITCHEN: The completion of the kitchen: floor and wall tiling, gyprock of ceiling, construction of pantry, installation of range hood and basic equipment, oven-stove, fridge, cool room, commercial sink and benches etc.

REFECTORY: We also hope to construct the refectory ceiling in this phase at an estimated cost of $40,000. The walls have been rendered. The floor, lighting and furniture of the refectory will be considered at a later stage. See more construction photos at

In January 2016 construction of the second wing of monk’s accomodation began and is progressing well: the excavation has been completed, the concrete slab poured and the bricklayers and roof tilers are finished. This building will consist of 8 monastic cells. The monastery feels that this extra accommodation will be needed in the near future. Below are photos of the construction progress.

2016-17 Construction Slideshow