Pantanassa Monastery has a dependency chapel (Metochion) at 42 Bayview Ave, Earlwood 2206 (Sydney) dedicated to St Arsenios the Cappadocian.

This is where monasticism for NSW began for both Pantanassa Monastery and Holy Cross Monastery (Convent now at Mangrove Mountain). The chapel and residence were the first monastic buildings for the founder of the monastery, Elder Stephanos from 1981. At the same time the main church of the monastery, the Transfiguration of our Lord, established in 1976, was just down the road. Here Elder Stephanos would serve most of the daily services and spend most of the day receiving the faithful for confession.

The chapel next to the residence was dedicated to St. Arsenios the Cappadocian. Elder Stephanos dedicated the chapel to St Arsenios encouraged and inspired by St Paisios the Athonite who upon his visit to Australia in 1977 gave Elder Stephanos a portion of the relic of St Arsenios.

Currently, confessions are heard at the St. Arsenios chapel on a weekly basis, by appointment, by the current Abbot, Elder Eusebios and Elder Stephanos.

Each year on the 10 November the feast day of St. Arsenios is celebrated at the site of the chapel. A large marquee is erected to cater for the large amount of pilgrims in attendance.

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