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On the 27th of November 2013, Elder Porphyrios was formally proclaimed a Saint of our Holy Orthodox Church. His feast day is on the 2nd of December. May we have his blessings. Below is a small excerpt from his life.

At Saint Nicholas in Kallisia I devoted most of my time to confession. There was, of course, also lots of time for prayer, especially at night. I’ll tell you about an incident in relation to this.

Once – it was late evening – my sister and I decided we would go together to pray in the church of Saint Nicholas. We said we would eat first and wait for everyone to go to sleep and then we would get up and go into the church in secret. We closed the door and started to pray:

‘Lord, Jesus Christ…’ After a short time we were flooded by a light, a divine light. We continued the ‘Lord, Jesus Christ…’ and we experienced a joy, an ineffable joy. We remained there for hours in the divine light and then, as the light gradually left, we continued the ‘Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me. ‘Then we returned. Our mother was awake and waiting for us and as soon as we opened the door, she said:

‘Where did you go? Is that why you sent me off to bed? Did you think I didn’t see you? I saw you through the window. I saw everything ‘I saw a light, a light that descended from heaven and entered the church. I watched it and I started weeping. Look! My eyes are filled with tears.’

Source: Wounded by Love

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