Sign Protest letter to the ABC and express support for your Church and Archbishop

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  • Vicky sarllas says:

    My family are totally supporting his Eminence and pray that he be strong.

  • Graham Athanaseris says:

    I, Graham Athanaseris write this email in support of the Greek Archdiocese and the Archbishop Makarios and protest against the false and mis leading report by the ABC..

  • Xanthippi Tsoutsas says:

    We are disappointed with the National Broadcaster ABC as they cannot get any fact correct.

    It is a disgrace that they are promoting fake news on all levels and cannot report any truth or fact only what suits them.

    It should be a consideration that they be held accountable and sue for damages.

  • Con Pandelakis says:

    One again, the Press and in this case the ABC, has posted a grossly inaccurate statement without doing the necessary investigative process themselves in order to check the reality and truth of the subjects covered.

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